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T-A polysaccharide is a polymer made from simple sugars.
T-A saturated hydrocarbon has no double bonds.

T-The membrane of an animal cell is composed primarily of phospholipids.
F-A triple bond between two carbons consists of 2 sigma-bonds and 1 pi-bond.
T-In nuclear fission, light combine to form heavier ones.
T-The color of a compound depends on the wavelengths of light that it absorbs

F-A catalyst changes the equilibrium constant of a reaction.
F-A buffer solution is composed of a strong acid and its conjugate base.
T-The oxidation number of an atom cannot change during a reaction.
T-In water, ammonia acts as a weak base.

T-In a reversible process, the change in free energy is negative.
F- In a voltaic cell, oxidation occurs at the cathode.
T- A bidentate ligand has two donor atoms.
T-A diamagnetic material contains no unpaired electrons.
T- DNA is an abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid.

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