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Select one of your examples from research article that clearly shows you how inferential statistics were used to draw conclusions about one or more populations for that study. Avoid selecting an example from research you have already discussed this 7th week of our class. This message and request is related to learning objective 7.1. Review the instructions below. Then, tell us:

(a) the overall research objective for the study,

(b) which inferential statistic(s) was (were) useful, and 

(c) what conclusion(s) was (were) drawn about

(d) one or more populations. 

Analyze what your peers have written for (a) – (d) and ask for clarity if one seems vague or perhaps, is missing.

Instruction: Provide a definition of your concept design from our text then, discuss support for your selection including an example from research that illustrates your point. Do so with a maximum of 200 words excluding citations.

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