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Networking is very important just like interviewing. It is crucial for you to have a Success Story ready to be able to provide when asked and that it be concise and easy to understand. Like an elevator pitch, this is an opportunity to share some unique event where you have been successful. This could be something that happened in class, work, or in life. What have you done that led to success? Use the attached form and write your Success Story (type it) and also provide 3 adjectives that describe you and why. Your story needs to be concise and easy to understand.

Elevator Pitch – this is not an assignment but something you need to think about. When you meet someone like a recruiter, what will you tell them? Along with a Success Story, you need to have a 30 second speech ready when you meet someone new. Who are you, what job are you seeking, when are you graduating, and what degree are you receiving? These are types of things recruiters need to know when they meet you the first time.

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