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The Golden Rule requirement in this class will be met the following way: 

“My Life” Essay (100 points): Psychology is full of interesting debates and topics. As part of this class, you are required to type a 3-6 page essay evaluating your upbringing by choosing from 3 options given to you by the Professor. This 3-6 page essay should have a minimum of 1000 words (1500 maximum) and be in APA format (Font: Times New Romans, 12pt. ONLY). If you use any reference other than the text book, make sure it is documented. The summary needs to include a word count in the cover page (#s of words) and reference page (APA style). Gordon Rule Requirements are stated mandated, so no student will be allowed to sit for the final exam or pass this course without submitting all the writing work needed to fulfill the Gordon Rule requirement. Due 3/13/17at the beginning of class. 

3 Topics you can choose from (How did your upbringing play a role in your _________?) 

 Relationship 

 Career 

 Personality

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