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Using a strategic social marketing approach resulted in us developing truly audiencebased programs and materials. Our male sexual health campaign, done in collaboration with the Vermont Department of Health, is now recognized by over one-third of the young men in northern Vermont, and has resulted in increased visits from male clients, and increased communication between young men and their partners. There are ten strategic questions that you can use to help work toward an initial marketing plan. These are: 1. What is the social [or health] problem I want to address? 2. What actions do I believe will best address that problem? 3. Who is being asked to take that action? (audience) 4. What does the audience want in exchange for adopting this new behavior? 5. Why will the audience believe that anything we offer is real and true? 6. What is the competition offering? Are we offering something the audience wants more? 7. What is the best time and place to reach members of our audie

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