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Now that you have learned about PowerPoint, the importance of self-analysis, and a self-introduction, it is time to put your skills in action. Please create a short self-introduction in a PowerPoint presentation. To assist you, here is a Template that you can use.

Remember that a good self-introduction should include information on traits that make you unique, assessing how you wish to project yourself, and offer a solid visual of who you are. Keep in mind that idea of an elevator speech or how you would describe yourself in the time that it takes you to ride an elevator.

Your audience for this presentation is going to be fellow classmates. Your presentation should include the following elements:

  • A title slide
  • At least one body slide
  • One picture
  • At least 3 main points about you
  • Add some sub-points when pertinent
  • Record a 1-3 minute speech on your self-introduction directly in PowerPoint or in a separate file.
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