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As we age, the surveillance by immune system declines and bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells are not eliminated as effectively. On the other hand, over-reactive immune system is basis for autoimmune diseases common in older people and may contribute to arthritis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes. 

Should scientists try to change the immune response in older people, or is immunosenescence (aging of immune system) beneficial?

We lose 0.5-1% of skeletal muscle mass and strength each year after age of 25. Muscle fibers are replaced with fat and excess connective tissue. Many of the changes result more from inactivity than from aging. Less than 10 percent of Americans exercise regularly, and the most sedentary group is older than 50 years of age.

Imagine that your mom/dad/neighbor needs to exercise more regularly. Devise an exercise plan for a healthy 65 year old.

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