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ANSWER LENGTH FOR EACH QUESTION: ONE-HALF TO ONE-PAGE1.By Mid-2008 the market value of was 22 times higher than Barnes & Noble., even though Amazon’s sales were only 2.7 times greater. Amazon turned over its inventory about 11 times per year, 4times faster than Barnes & Noble; so its inventory period was dramatically shorter. Amazon charges customers’ credit card when it ships a book, and it usually get paid by the credit firm within that day.Using the variables found in a cash flow time line answer Q1 Q1. Why is Amazon’s cash cycle so much shorter than that of competitor Barnes & Noble ? How does this comparison affect financial management decisions of other retailers?2.Boeing Aircraft Company had an inventory of 61 days and a receivables period of 45 days, it operating cycle of 106 days. Boeing had a payables period of 183 days; its cash cycle was a negative 77 days.Q2. How does Boeing achieve a cash cycle of negative 100 days?

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