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A 28 yr. old young man was diagnosed with schizophrenia 10 yrs ago, at age 18, when away from home during his Freshman yr. at college. He has had his positive sx. alleviated with neuroleptic medication, but he only takes it sporadically because of unpleasant side effects. He is still significantly hampered by negative sx.  He has had several short hospitalizations, but has not experienced much overall improvement. He lives at home with his elderly parents, and does little but watch TV and occasionally play with his dog. He has one sister who was recently married. She is reluctant to have children since she fears they might inherit the disorder. She and her husband also worry about the responsibility they will have for her brother once her parents die.   Given the latest research on this disorder, what treatment modalities would you suggest in order to provide him and his family with a truly comprehensive and ideal treatment program.  (20 pts.)

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