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Discuss the leader-stakeholder relationship as it pertains to the building of a coalition. Include in your discussion an analysis of the bridging elements that facilitate the formation of strong coalitions and the pitfalls that can cause coalitions to fracture and disintegrate.

An action plan that includes

  • A stakeholder profile summary in narrative form
  • A plan for organizing a coalition that reflects a synthesis of the information from:
    • The stakeholder profile summary
    • Additional leadership theories that might aid in coalition building.
    • A policy recommendation and an evaluation of how systems theory influenced the chosen solution


Crosby and Bryson:

  • Review Chapter 4, “Leadership Tasks in a Shared-Power World: Visionary, Political, and Ethical Leadership” pages 134–155.
  • Read Chapter 6, “Forging an Initial Agreement to Act” pages 197–215.
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