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Review the motivational ideas or theories addressed in the readings for Unit III. Using yourself as an example, do you feel that one or more of the ideas or theories are particularly effective in motivating you, or is there a better way you can be motivated?

  •   •Engage the reader in the topic with some form of creative “hook” (such as a story, quote, or example).

  •   •Provide an example of a situation in which a leader used one of these theories to successfully motivate you.

  •   •Next, provide an example of a situation where an attempted motivational tool did not work.

  •   •What was it about the second example that did not work? Explain your answer.

    Your essay submission must be at least three pages in length. You are required to use at least one outside source to support your explanation. Your essay should be formatted in accordance with APA style. 

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