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Please read the article and than answer the question. I’m going to upload the questions and the link to read.

https:// Medical Experiments on Slaves

1.    Describe the kinds of experiments conducted on African American slaves.

2.    Were experiments limited to isolated slave plantations?

3.    Who conducted these experiments?

4.    Who was William Aiken?

5.    What happened to Lucinda?

6.    What was so unique about the 10,000 bones unearthed from a basement in Georgia? Where were they discovered?

7.    What led to the price of slaves increasing after 1807?

8.    Who was J. Marion Sims? Describe his methods of gathering research.

9.    Describe what happened to Harriet in1848.

10.Which group of individuals most often engaged in the practice of grave robbing? Why?

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