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I have an APA paper due on Monday 17. It has to be on the 4 teaching styles of Diane Baumrind. Please research and review Diana Baumrind’s (4) Styles of Parenting:

1. Authoritarian.

2. Permissive.

3. Neglectful.

4. Authoritative. 

Write a paper:  APA Style, Times New Roman, 12 Font, 1″ Margins, Double Spaced.  Paper will consist of five pages –

Page One is the Title page which has a total of 5 lines;

Page Two is the Abstract Page which has 3 – 5 sentences, less than 150 words;

Page Three and Page Four are the Body Pages;

Page Five is the Work Cited Page.

Essentially the paper is two body pages and is typed in a double spaced format; this is tantamount to one page of writing by hand, no more!

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