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1.       Sony Corporation corrected multiple mistakes in creating Blu-ray it made with the Betamax


2.       During the Industrial Revolution, jobs were carried out in small organizations rather than large shops.    


3.       Primary Shareholders include employees, suppliers, governments, and local communities, which are groups the organization depends for its survival.      


4.       Getting work done through others is management.     


5.       Resource scarcity is the increase of critical resources in an organization’s external environment


6.       There are less than five steps in the strategy-making process.  


7.       Society conforming to accepted principles of what is right and wrong is ethical behavior.


8.       Valuable and rare are components for sustainable competitive advantage.


9.       The Right to advise others who are not subordinates in the chain of command is Line Authority


10.   Efficiency is accomplishing tasks that help fulfill organizational objectives


11.   Socially Responsible companies are guaranteed to be successful


12.   Vision and mission are two key management pieces for Top Managers


13.   The most compelling benefit of planning is that it has been proven to work for both companies and individuals.


14.   Sustainable Competitive Advantage means all resources must be rare, valuable, and nonsubstitutable, & perfectly imitable.


15.   First-level managers implement and create single-use plans, standing plans & operational plans


16.   During discontinuous change, companies should not find ways to anticipate and survive technological change


17.   Tariffs are imposed on Ford vehicles imported from a European plant


18.   Free trade agreements create new business opportunities without competition increasing


19.   Empowering employees is a good way of increasing productivity and employees’ feeling competent


20.   Quantitative factors have no absolute numeral associated; rather a value can be assigned when compared to others


Multiple Choice – Choose an appropriate response by placing the answer’s letter in the blank. 

There is only one correct answer for each question.                     2 Point Each

21.                       A management function that determines organizational goals & a means for achieving them

a.       Pairing

b.       Planning

c.       Preparing

d.       Prepping

22.                       Characteristics of External Environments consist one of the following

a.       Environmental Norms

b.       Environmental Simplicity

c.       Resource Scarcity

d.       Certainty

23.                       Intensified effort, persistence, and direction are all benefits for

a.       Partnering

b.       Packing

c.       Praying

d.       Planning

24.                       Gordon’s Foods Supply (GFS) is considered what to Mr. Burger

a.       Secondary Stakeholder

b.       Primary Shareholder

c.       Primary Stakeholder

d.       Secondary Shareholder

25.                       A S.W.O.T. is made up of these except one

a.       Strengths

b.       Weaknesses

c.       Opportunities

d.       Terrors

26.                       The technology industry has which type of environmental change

a.       Dynamic

b.       Steady

c.       Stable

d.       Consistent

27.                      Contributed the theories of strategy and identifying & attacking opponent’s weaknesses

a.       Cato

b.       Machiavelli

c.       Sun Tzu

d.       Venetians

28.                       Which is not a component of specific environments?

a.       Customers

b.       Competitive advantage

c.       Competition

d.       Advocacy Group

29.                       Diamonds contain what pieces of sustainable competitive advantage

a.       Valuable

b.       Rare

c.       Substitutable

d.       A & B

30.                       Inspiring and motivating workers to work hard to achieve organizational goals

a.       Leading

b.       Controlling

c.       Following

d.       Asking

31.                      Due to excessive environmental factors, Microsoft Corps.’ environmental complexity is what

a.       Simple

b.       Confusing

c.       Saturated

d.       Complex

32.                       Visually indicates what tasks must be completed at which times in order to complete a project

a.       Flip Chart

b.       Gantt Chart

c.       Chart of Accounts

d.       Henry Chart

33.                       Organizations are socially responsible for

a.       Economics Responsibility

b.       Legal Responsibility

c.       Ethical Responsibility

d.       All of the Above

34.                     Degree to which a job gives workers the opportunity to decide how & when to accomplish a job

a.       Skill Variety

b.      Task Identity

c.       Autonomy

d.      Feedback

35.                     What is not a reason for conducting a Virtual Organization?

a.       Allow individual costs

b.      Fast and flexible

c.       Require excessive managerial skills

d.      Facilitate combining efforts

36.                       Middle managers are responsible for:

a.       Resources

b.       Coordination

c.       Strategy Implementation

d.       All of the above

37.                       People who have a stake or claim in some aspect of a company’s operations, markets, and industry

a.       Shareholder

b.       Stakeholder

c.       Cardholder

d.       Sharkholder

38.                       To accomplish goals, an action plan lists

a.       Who, What, How, Where

b.       How, Who, What, When

c.       How, Who, When, Why

d.       Who, When, Why, What

39.                      Which is not a step in rational decision making

a.       Define the problem

b.       Weight the criteria

c.       Disregard all alternatives

d.       Compute the optional decision

40.                       Which CEO believes a pizza should should feed a the ideal sized work group

a.       Alan Mulley

b.       Steve Cook

c.       Jeff Bezos

d.       Marissa Mayer

41.                      Collection of activities that transform inputs into outputs valued by customers

a.       Organizational Product

b.       Organizational Player

c.       Organizational Problem

d.       Organizational Process

42.                       The acronym NAFTA stands for

a.       North Atlantic Free Trade Act

b.       No American Fixed Tariff Act

c.       North American Free Trade Act

d.       North American Free Transaction Act

43.                       Which of the following items completed the technology cycle

a.       Apple MacBook

b.       Sony Walkman

c.       Goodyear Tires

d.       Con-air Hairdryer

44.                       A collection of networked firms in which the intellectual & physical property of a firm is replicated to be used by other an organization or person for a business

a.       Franchise

b.       Strategic Alliance

c.       Wholly Owned Affiliate

d.       Partnership

45.                      Entertainment Sports Programming Network & American Broadcasting Channel are considered what by The Walt Disney Corporation

a.       Franchise

b.       Strategic Alliance

c.       Wholly Owned Affiliate

d.       Partnership

Matching – The Words on the Left to the corresponding definition on the Right

There is only one correct answer for each question                         1 Point Each

46.              Competitive Advantage

47.                   SMART Goals

48.                 Environmental Change

49.                 Purpose Statement

50.                  Resource Scarcity

51.                   Organizing

52.                  Secondary Stakeholders

53.                Controlling

54.                 Job Design

55.                   Max Weber

a.    Deciding where decisions will be made, who will do what, & who will work for whom

b.    Monitoring progress toward goal achievement & taking corrective action when there isn’t progress

c.    Bureaucracy – The exercise of control on the basis of knowledge

d.    A company’s environment’s change can be stable or dynamic

e.    Critical Resources in an organization’s external environment

f.     Specific, Timely, Realistic, Attainable, & Measurable make up what

g.    Parks, neighborhoods, and churches are what to Davenport University

h.    “Offer incredible value and quality products” is a company’s what

i.     Providing greater value for customers than competitors

j.     Number, kind, and variety of tasks that individual workers perform in doing their jobs

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