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Book: The Labor Relations Process – Holley

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001.  What are the major components of the John Dunlop model of an industrial relations system?  Provide at least one specific example of how each component that you cite is implemented, characterized or embodied in the United States industrial relations system that we have studied to date.

002.  What was the major legal weapon used by management against the union movement from the beginning up through 1932?  Why was the Norris-La Guardia Act necessary and what specific remedies did it provide?

003.  One of the reasons for the passage of The Clayton Act was to improve the lot of the labor union.  How did it attempt to do this?  Was it successful?

004.  The purpose of legislation in the industrial relations area is to ensure industrial democracy.  How did the Taft-Hartley Act attempt to serve this purpose?  [Specifically what were the changes (amendments) to the Wagner Act that were added by the Taft-Hartley Act?]

005.  You have been asked to develop a position paper on the subject of, “Why People Join Unions,” for presentation to a management meeting.  It has also been suggested that you divide your list into Economic, Psycho-Social and Worklife Quality reasons.

006.  Describe the procedure to be followed in the processing of an unfair labor practice complaint up through a U.S. Supreme Court decision.

007.  The signing of authorization cards by prospective union members is one of the initial steps in securing recognition of a union.  As soon as the union has 30% of the members in the bargaining unit `signed up’ it can request a recognition election from the NLRB.  Most good strategists advise that the union have at least 50% `signed up’.  Comment on the wisdom of this advice in the light of your reading.

008.  Describe, in detail, the sequence of events in the formation of a union local from the initial `idea’ up to the point where collective bargaining would be required.  Be sure to include, in your answer, a discussion of the various ways that you could secure recognition of your local union.

009.  Which categories of employees are excluded from protection, or receive special consideration, under the labor legislation (NLRA, LMRA, LMRDA) that is currently in effect?  (Be sure to differentiate between those excluded versus those receiving special consideration.  Also be sure to describe the nature of the special consideration that certain groups of employees receive.)

010.  You are the industrial relations director for WLWI radio in Montgomery, Alabama.  Your employees have been members of the CWA for the past 5 years and the union has presented you with a list of their demands for changes in the old contract when it is renewed.  The union representative has said that if you don’t agree to at least bargain on each of these items the union will file Unfair Labor Practice Charges with the NLRB and go out on strike.  Among the demands are:  (1) an 8% cost of living increase/allowance for active and (2) retired members.  (3) Full pay and allowances for union members while they are negotiating the new contract.  (4) A mandatory dues check-off clause in addition to (5) a union shop provision.  (6) That the company furnish steel toed work shoes, free of charge, to all maintenance employees.  Why or why not must you negotiate on all of these issues?  What are the possible consequences of your refusal to bargain on any of these issues? 

011.  Boulwarism was a bargaining strategy of the General Electric Co., in the 1960’s.  By 1969 this strategy was not considered to be `Good Faith’ bargaining within the intent of Section 8(d) of the 1947 law.  What is `Good Faith’ bargaining and how did GE’s action (Boulwarism) not meet the criteria?

012.  What is the difference between an economic strike, a jurisdictional strike, and an unfair labor practice strike? (Include implications for strikers)

013.  Are secondary Boycotts legal or illegal?  Are there any exceptions or circumstances wherein the legality or illegality of a secondary boycott changes?  What is the significance of the ally doctrine that was established by the NLRB?

014.  The Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (1959), was the last major piece of labor legislation to be passed by Congress and signed by the President.  Why was this act needed and what were some of its major provisions?

015.  Unions are considered to have both positive and negative effects.  Briefly discuss at least two of each.  (For Example: you must mention two positive and two negative effects.)  In your opinion which effect (Positive or negative) has the strongest influence and why?

016.  A union local, once it has been certified as the bargaining representative for a group of workers, must represent all of the workers in the bargaining unit without regard to whether or not they belong to the union.  What are the ramifications of this doctrine?

017.  Many unions negotiate a dues check-off provision as a part of their collective bargaining agreement.  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a dues check-off clause from a management viewpoint.

018.   You are the industrial relations director for a company that employs 125 people in a bargaining unit represented by The Communications Workers of America (CWA).  The first collective bargaining agreement between the union and the company expires in seven months.  You have been asked to brief the executive council of the company on the steps the company should take in preparation for the collective bargaining process. Be sure to include sources of information in your answer.

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