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Edit of a statement of purpose letter for the graduate program in liberal arts 800 word count or three pages, single spaced. IInclude pertinent personal and professional experience, interest, goals in pursuing a master degree in liberal arts. Following is what needs professional editing that reads and articulates the message.

                       STATEMENT Of PURPOSE

     Staying relevant in an impersonal world, fraught with age discrimination and other social and cultural infractions that can destabilize the quality of one’s life, a return to academia continues my quest for personal and professional growth. As a member of a  specialized entrepuneral  demographic with skills in  various disciplines, I  have been professionally successful but laced intellectual fulfillment and personally embraced my position and the  acceptance of that status has been the one mitigated factor of motivation in my challenge to reinvent, repurpose and upcycle my life to the greater good of society, by being the best person I can possibly be intellectually and spiritually, sharing those experiences of wisdom and academic knowledge, developing verbal and non-verbal communication skills that embrace  the digital revolution. and  companion as a necessity tool  of communication its impact on senior citizen who are having trouble adapting out of fear and resistance of change foreign to them as important tools to function competently.   Separated from the inspirational and creative stimulation and the value of daily professional activities, through intellectual stimulation I can confidentially compete on a global scale. Creatively appreciative to embrace each and every disciplines I have had a personal history of exposure to.   My once  under developed intuitive sense of the universe ultimately revealed a vast and varied spectrum of creativity and talent that allowed me to soar.  Everything seemingly fell into place, as I proceeded to produce, cultivate and develop everything I imagined into entrepreneurial realities, knowing no limiting bounds financially, morally, politically, socially or spiritually. Enveloped in  ambition and fantasy, I was a free spirit that became skillful  as to how to navigate through obstacles that would have stopped many courageous contemporaries in their tracks, knowingly without the  skillset and .  While my core value system lacked discipline and structure, I somehow experienced measures of commercial and material success, which I now realize that I owe a measure of my courage and the natural instinct for adventure, unabridged curiosity and persistence?  The characteristic of being naturally curious, led my on a road of experimentation in applying what my instinctive gifts of talent could bring to the attention of the world?  Lacking any formal training, I examined that theory every day, filled with a longing for accreditations and certifications?  The short answer is that  the rush of ambition, validation, appreciation and adulationdidnt replace the need  or acknowledgement that I needed a formal education to pull everything together professionally.for  Formerly obsessively and compulsively influenced, observing, attending and actively participating in current events, social activities and archives of a vast range, consisting of socially correct and incorrect personal experiences, occidentally cultivated a well-rounded personality that exuded outward confidence and intelligence. The solitude of inactivity exposed that fraudulent persona today? Traveling extensively to other countries and experiencing visual art in varying forms, architecture, life-style influences, social and cultural routines that adapt to climates of political and religious persuasions are luxuries that I now cherish? The experiences are more than memories as I was in the moment at every port of call, paying attention to details and journaling into a catalog of analysis and activism. Drawn to physical beautiful, intrigue, adventure and vision, I obsessively and compulsively would indulge in non hesitating until I felt completely satisfied that it was indeed time to move on.   

       Returning to academia has broadened my perspective and exposed  me to sustainable distinguishable  learning  process that are validated by earned benchmarks in levels of that formal training , allowing  me to  blend and understand  how a synchronized combination of formal training, wisdom, luck, maturity, emotional / moral support and intelligence  have positively influenced my life today.  I am a collection of all of those attributes and recognizing them as gifts and rewards is actually a significant part of my personal and professional growth. Today my cultivated talent in areas of expertise can be helpful to society. I have developed a catalogue of ideas serves me even more committed to leave a meaningful imprint of philanthropy

 of original ideas and concepts of humanity that will help in laughter, commerce and philanthropy. I fantasize about launch that big one that will indeed meet my benchmark of staying relevant, productive and providing a purpose that validates my life as the

     Dedicated to  the intellectual process that culminates in accreditation of skills in reasoning and critical thinking will  better serve me as companions to the other disciplines that I have experience and firsthand knowledge via success and failure.   Interior design firm, author and real estate investor, all disciplines that have history in? Being dormant that best represented my professional profile? Stay involved fight for your core to weigh lightly, remain on top of the sand instead of disappearing into it from the weight gain, direct result from the inactivity of stagnating irrelevance from falling perfectly STILL, is a causality of incompetency not age.


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