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Create a study sheet using these questions and obtaining answers from book :

Mid-Term: Study Guide

This is an outline of the important themes, concepts and questions that you will have in the mid-term exam. The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.

Chapter 1

1. sociological term used to refer to a minority group

2. criteria to define minority or subordinate groups (sociological characteristics)

3. sociological definitions of ethnic group and racial group

4. sociological definitions of race and ethnicity

5. application of concepts to concrete examples (race, ethnicity and the like)

6. meaning of genocide, ethnic cleansing, stereotypes, prejudice, racism, scapegoat, colonialism, secession, assimilation, amalgamation, “melting pot” , pluralism and the like.

7. Schaefer’s inter-group relations continuum (application to concrete examples)

8. What is stratification?

9. Sociological perspectives (i.e. Conflict theory)

Chapter 2

1. Merton’s typology of discrimination and prejudice

2. According to Merton’s theory; who is a reluctant liberal, a timid bigot, a all-weather bigot and an all-weather liberal (analysis and application of concepts)

3. How stereotyping could be related to the so-called self-fulfilling prophecy?

4. What Robert Merton did (as a sociologist) regarding discrimination and prejudice?

5. Basic definitions of discrimination and prejudice.

6. institutional discrimination (application of the concept)

7. racial tolerance & education

Chapter 3

1. What is institutional discrimination?

2. What is the under-class?

3. Structural factors associated with creating an underclass

4. What is double jeopardy?

5. Affirmative Action

6. What is reverse discrimination?

7. What is the informal economy?

Chapter 4

1. Immigration to the United States (periods)

2. What is nativism?

3. What is xenophobia?

4. The Chinese Exclusion Act (1882)

5. US-legislation about immigration in the 20th century

? the national origins system 1921,

? 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act

? Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986

6. immigrants in the United States (social, economic abd political effects)

7. What is the “brain drain”?

8. Refugee status versus immigrant?

9. Proposition 187

10. The “wet foot, dry foot” policy

11. Why people emigrate? (reasons)

Chapter 6

1. the Native American population in the United States today (changes)

2. The Indian Removal Act

3. “Trail of Tears”

4. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

5. The Ghost Dance

6. The Indian Reorganization Act (1936)

7. Termination Act (what it wanted?)

8. national organizations representing Native Americans

9. examples of pan-Indianism and panethnicity among Native Americans

10. effort to assimilate Native Americans into White Society

11. Fish-ins and Indian protests

12. The Alaska Native Settlement Act of 1971

13. Socioeconomic situation in Indian reservations

14. Education and Native Americans

15. Native American health care versus white medicine

16. the U.S. government’s policies toward the Native Americans in the nineteenth century (can you use a sociological term to describe that?)

Chapter 7 and Chapter 8

1. The laws that defined the social position of slaves in the south (slave codes)

2. Period before abolition of slavery (The antislavery movement)

3. Period after abolition of slavery, “Jim Crow” laws

4. Plessy v. Ferguson case (1896)

5. Migrations of Black people from the South to the cities of the North (reasons)

6. W.E.B. Du Bois versus Booker Washington

7. When the Supreme Court outlawed segregation in public schools?

8. political philosophy and basic principles of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s

9. Sociological perspectives regarding how prejudice and discrimination contribute to social, economic and health care problems among African-Americans

10. African Americans in the occupational structure and in the economy

11. African-Americans and Education

12. Segregation in Public Schools

13. Black men in professional careers

14. ideas and view about Black families

15. the judicial system and African-Americans

16. death penalty and race, how they are related?

17. Reconstruction period (what happened with blacks in the South)

18. The policy of “separate but equal”

19. “Politics of accommodation”

20. the Niagara Movement

21. Black protest surfaced in World War II

22. de facto segregation versus de jure segregation

23. Rosa Parks (what she did?)

24. The practice of placing minority students in specific curriculum groups

25. Black progress in higher education

26. African Americans and the labor market

27. African Americans are underrepresented in what professions

28. the percentage of single parent households among Blacks

29. Black men have higher death rates from

30. U.S. government never issued an official apology for?

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