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I puchased this assignment from you last night and now I need the opposing view.  

Specifically, you will complete the following:

  • Identify and use at least 1 invention or prewriting strategy (mind mapping, brainstorming, listing, freewriting, etc.).
  • Develop a thesis statement and 3 strong supporting subtopics.
  • Create a topic sentence outline (scheme strategy).
  • Prepare a first-draft essay.

Note: Your submission should be double-spaced with 12-point font and 1″ margins and include your prewriting, outline, and 500-word-minimum first-draft essay.

Below is the original- now I need opposing view.



Introduction: an introduction of the growing trend of people having tattoos. 

Thesis statement: Although there has been an increase in the acquisition of tattoos, they cause more chaos and misunderstandings at the workplace and thus should not be made an acceptable art at the offices.


Having tattoos go beyond the conduct of grooming and professionalism at the workplace

Tattoos at the workplace cause distractions

Tattoos can be quite hurtful and offensive at the workplace

Conclusion: a recap of the main points 

Are Tattoos Appropriate In The Workplace?

Over the past few years, there has been a large number of people getting one or more tattoos on their bodies. Most of the people asked why they have tattoos they answer that it is a form of expression. College students are the highest tattoo getters which means that once they are out of school they have a difficult time getting corporate jobs as the workplace has not yet fully accepted employees with visible tattoos. Although there has been an increase in the acquisition of tattoos, they cause more chaos and misunderstandings at the workplace and thus should not be made an acceptable art at the offices. 

First, having tattoos at the workplace is inappropriate going as per the conduct and professionalism that workers are expected to maintain and uphold. Personal grooming and appearances matter so much at the workplace. Individuals are taken more seriously by the way they dress and present themselves to the world. Serious business people will not take a person with visible tattoos seriously. They not only cause distractions but also show that the person does not take matters seriously. For the high level workers, as much as a person is smart and valuable to a firm, they will always be viewed differently due to tattoos. This means that they affect the grooming conducts of most workplaces. 

Second, tolerating tattoos at the workplace can cause so much distractions among the workers. A person with a dragon tattoo may attract so much attention at the workplace. Employees may spend so much time looking and analysing their colleague’s’ tattoos, time that could be spent doing constructive work at the office. Moreover, employees may make tattoos an everyday discussion by spending so much time discussing on what to get in order to outdo the others. These behaviours may encourage laxity among workers and thus may affect their productivity.

Third, some tattoos can be very offensive and may cause rifts and conflicts among workers. Some of the tattoos people get conflict with other people’s beliefs and values. In addition, others are quite offensive in the sense that some people may engrave abusive words and pictures in the name of self-expressions which could be upsetting and hurtful to the other person. With such cases at the workplace, this will spike hatred and misunderstanding among the workers which can cause a reduction in the employees’ productivity due to the bullying activities of some workers. 

To sum it all, I cannot completely claim that tattoos are bad. However, at the work place, tattoos can be cause so much distraction among the workers. According to the conducts of professionalism, tattoos are inappropriate. Second, they cause distractions among workers as they spend so much time looking at the other person’s tattoos. Finally, some tattoos can be very offensive to the other people especially those that are culturally and racially indifference. Bottom line is that these tattoos may display some abusive contents that may cause conflicts among the employees. The productivity of the employees is greatly impacted. Thus, I believe that tattoos are not appropriate at the workplace. 

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