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Please answer this question in two paragraphs.

QUESTION: Pick a product of your choice and trace the channel(s) of distribution for that product from when a company produces it to end customers. Then identify the various participants, companies (by company name) involved in moving that product from the manufacture (producer) to the final consumer (buyers).  

Additionally, the methods of transportation (UPS, railroad, ship, truck, etc.) must also be identified at each stage. Finally, explain why you think the company decided to place, sell or make that product available to the end customer at that final location, i.e. retail, online, etc. 

Respond to 2 other students answer ONE PARAGRAPH EACH below

STUDENT 1: While eating Häagen-Dazs, I couldn’t decide upon what product to select. The first thing that came in mind was Häagen-Dazs of course. I believe that everytime I have Häagen-Dazs, I will be able to remember this discussion board and the things I’ve learned. The main raw ingredients needed to create Häagen-Dazs ice cream comes from various sources. Vanilla extract is taken from Madagascar and shipped to the processing facility, along with sugar from Florida. The eggs are from farms across Europe delivered by trucks. Finally, the milk and creme comes from Arras, France, which happens to be where the processing facility of Häagen-Dazs is located. Once processed in Arras, France, the ice cream is shipped and Golden Valley, Minnesota to be package. This is because the Häagen-Dazs is a General Mills company. After packaged, the ice cream is distributed by Sysco, a multinational marketing and distributing corporation. The goal is to get Häagen-Dazs is every grocery freezer idle. The main retailers for Häagen-Dazs include Walmart and Kroger. Other point of purchases can be made at high traffic locations like at a mall. It is at this point that customers purchase Häagen-Dazs ice cream and hurry home to put it in their freezer.I believe that the company decided to place Häagen-Dazs ice cream in primarily grocery stores to make it convenient for the shoppers. Essentially, it is an add on luxury item for a buyers shopping list.

STUDENT 2:  The product I have chosen is the new 2017 flagship compound bow of Bowtech Archery the Reign 7.  The reason why I have chosen this product is because one, I’m an avid and bow hunter and two, I recently just went through the process of helping one of my buddies purchase this new bow. Bowtech is based out of Eugene, Oregon.  This is where their production and research and development facilities are located.  They pride themselves in making quality American products in America.  A consumer has various ways of purchasing a bow by Bowtech.  One can order directly from Bowtech, purchase one from a major sporting store that carries their line, hunting shops, and on line as well. Depending on how the bow is purchased it can go through various methods of transportation to finally get to the buyer.  After the bow is made at their headquarters in Eugene, Oregon it will be shipped out to the corresponding buyer/seller via different mailing services such as UPS and FedEx whether it be ground or air.  One thing that the buyer/seller can be assured of is that all bows shipped from the production facility are mailed in protective cases and have insurance on them.  These are already very pricy products so the buyer’s investment will be protected.In my recent experience of helping my friend purchase his bow he tested numerous shop models until he found the one he was content with.  After that decision was made the seller than put in an order from Bowtech Archery for that desired bow.  It took roughly two weeks to receive his bow from Oregon and it was sent via UPS priority mail ground transport to the shop where he tested the other models.

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