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AssignmentFor this assignment you will need to complete four activities whichfocus on the areas listed below:•           Human resource management•           Management of physical resources•           Marketing•           Information systemsYou should complete all four activities using an organisation withwhich you are familiar and/or where you have access to the relevantinformation for the purposes of the research.   Alternatively theindividual tasks may be completed using different organisations.Where appropriate you may interview relevant staff and use theevidence to complete the tasks.  In preparation for completing thisassignment you need to investigate possible options and identify theorganisation(s) you intend to use.  You may wish to discuss yourchoices with your tutor before embarking on the work.Activity 1: Human Resource Management (HRM)Produce a document which demonstrates your understanding of the roleof HRM in supporting business strategy and shows how to develop humanresources in organisations.The document should include·         A consideration of the objectives for your chosenorganisation and an explanation of how HRM contributes to theirachievement·         A critical evaluation of the role of HRM in your chosen organization·         An evaluation of the  recruitment and retention strategiesof your chosen organization·         A critical assessment of the techniques used to developemployees in the organization·         An evaluation of the contribution these techniques make toensuring the engagement of employees·         A systematic analysis of the effective strategies an HRMdepartment must use to support the achievement of organisationalstrategy. AC 2.4Finally as planning human resource requirements is important for thesuccess of businesses you must also appraise the processes your chosenorganisation usesActivity 2: Management of physical resourcesCreate a table which identifies the chosen organisation’s objectivesand shows the physical resources required to ensure achievement ofeach of these objectives.  Explain the resource managementimplications of the information in your table.Using the table above critically evaluate the role of physicalresource management within the organisation and systematicallyappraise the processes that are used to plan the physical requirementsof the organisation.  Your appraisal and evaluation must be supportedwith relevant theory and include recommendations where appropriate, tosupport and provide evidence for your work.Activity 3: MarketingIn this section you must clearly show that you understand the role ofmarketing in supporting business strategy.  Produce a report on yourchosen organization which:•           investigates how marketing activities contribute toachievement of organisational objectives in the organisation•           critically evaluates marketing operations in that organisation•           appraises the  processes  that the organisation  uses todevelop its  marketsActivity 4: Information Systems Management (ISM)For your chosen organisation investigate and report on how ISMcontributes to the achievement of the objectives of this organisation.In completing this investigation you must also critically evaluate therole ISM plays in the organisationFinally as planning the requirements and place of information systemsis important for the success of businesses you must also appraise theprocesses your chosen organisation uses to plan its IS requirements

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