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PS 110:  Globalization  Exercise #4Winter, 2017

This Exercise is due Monday March 20 @ 1 pm.

Please deliver your response to (1) my office or (2) Taylor 122 (the Social Science Office) or (3) email it to me.  If you email it to me, please check to see if I acknowledge receipt of your email within a reasonable period of time or send it again.

Your final product may be no longer than four, double spaced, typed pages.  You may discuss the assignment with any member of the class, but each student must produce his or her own final written product.

The exercise requires no research.  Research will be more counterproductive than helpful.  The exercise is mandatory for all students. No late papers will be accepted. Keep a copy of your paper in the event your original is misplaced.   The exercise is worth 35 points.

The directions concerning exercise structure (paragraphs, sentences, underlining etc) from previous exercises are still strongly suggested but not required.


Part I.  Discuss how the article The Brexit May Be Just The Beginning Of Anti-Europe Votes reflects the “backlash against Globalization.”  Responding to this question will require you (a) to define the kinds of behavior that represents evidence of “the backlash,” and (b) explain how behavior described therein fit your criteria from part (a). (8 points)

Part II.  Identify potential “partners” for those engaging in the backlash against Globalization in The Brexit May Be Just The Beginning Of Anti-Europe Votes ?  Explain what the “allies” opposing globalization have in common and what strengths or assets they bring to a coalition seeking to achieve their “mutual objectives.”  Also identify possible sources of estrangement or friction between the objectives of the prospective partners.  Integrate Putin Aids Trump into your analysis if you are able to recognize the connection from that article. (8 points)

Part III.  Align your response in Part II (above) with Friedman’s ideas about the course or inevitability of Globalization.  That is, what would Friedman say about the chances for success for Globalization’s “opponents.”  In his view, what corrective measures should the leaders of global integration take to address the backlash against Globalization? (7 points)

Part IV.  How would Robert Kaplan to advise the United States to recruit, train, organize and deploy the assets described in A Secret War in 120 Countries, in order to achieve the “objectives” of the United States?  You should begin by identifying those objectives.  That is, what does the US appear to be trying to accomplish with those personnel and materials?  What does Kaplan think they should be doing or what the US can accomplish?  Your conclusion is less important than your explanation.  Hint: Carefully develop “American” objectives!   (7 points)Part V. Discuss how the article Secret Shame of Middle Class Americans reflects “Winner Take All” phenomena.  Begin by clarifying the idea of Winner Take All before developing the relationship to the linked article .  (5 points)

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