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1.Jubril is hiding his sister on the bus ride._______________              

2.Jubril boards a bus in southern Rwanda._____________

3.The “lost boys” are child victims from religious conflict in Nigeria.


4.What year did the Rwandan genocide take place?_______________

5.An estimated_____________ people were killed in the Rwandan genocide.


b.  500,000

c.  800,000

d. 8,000,000

6.In the Rwandan genocide, most of the dead were ____________and most of those who perpetrated the violence were___________.

7The two clashing ethnic groups in Rwanda speak the same language._____

8. Monique’s mother “Maman” died from a lengthy battle with  AIDS.______________________

9.Jubril makes a point of shaking hands with his fellow passengers using his right hand only._______________________________

10. Monique’s father tells Monique that when he dies the crucifix in their house will be passed on to the first born male in the family. _________________

Part 2

What did you learn about the lives of children from reading Akpans ”Say You’re One of Them”?  

This is a broad question that requires supplemental information (appropriately cited) in addition to what you read in Akpan.  

Use the statistical tables from UNICEF’s State of The World’s Children Atlas http://  

(any year going back 10 years) as well as the CIA World Factbook 

https:// to provide as much information as possible relating to children’s lives in 3 of the countries that Akpan covers. 

In addition, consult any websites, articles, Wells that we have covered in class (including ones you have consulted for journal assignments). 

Organize your answer into 3 parts (one for each country) in an essay format. Each part is 15 points. Suggested length: 2-3 paragraphs per country. Proofread carefully.

You will be graded on:

  • Your comprehension of the materials you cite, depth of your analysis and integration of information and examples from Akpan in your essay.
  • The extent to which the material you include provides a comprehensive picture of the life of children in the 3 countries you selected. 
  • The overall clarity and organization of your essays.



Consult the following resource: Children’s Defense Fund task is to together put together a brief report (2-3 paragraphs) on 2 of  the following 4 areas of concern for children and youth in the United States. You’ll find detailed information under the “Policy Priority” tab.

1.Juvenile Justice/ School to Prison Pipeline/ Criminalization of Children.

2. Child Poverty

3.Early Childhood Development & Learning

4.Health and Safety.

  • Give a brief general overview and provide specific examples (minimum 3) that you believe best describe the nature of each issue. 
  • Give one example of what has been/ can be done to remedy each problem?  
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