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Lab Report 2 – Greenhouse Effect – Rubric ABSTRACT (10 pts)

£Contains an introduction (background and objectives) £Contains brief description of methods£Contains results£Contains conclusions


£Starts with a general introduction to the topic. Addresses the importance of greenhouse gases, greenhouse effect, climate change, global warming, etc.

£Contains the questions you were interested in answering. In our case, an appropriate question might be “how does the temperature of gases change with varying environments? (open, closed, greenhouse gas filled..)”

£References textbook

£Citation format is correct

£Citations are paraphrased. Direct quotations are not used.

£Objectives of the study are clearly stated. MATERIALS AND METHODS (20 pts)

£Contains all relevant information to enable the reader to repeat the procedure £Routine procedures are not explained£Written in paragraph form (not a numbered list) and in complete sentences £Written in past tense

£Materials are not listed separately£No preview is given of how the data will be organized or interpreted

RESULTS (20 pts)

£Results are described in full sentences, as a narrative. The results must be noted, either quantitative or qualitative, for both experiments.

£In this report you should have a graph showing the temperature change results of experiment 1 and 2 (x-axis: time, y-axis: temperature). [Can add tables of data for 1 Extra Credit pt each].

£Reference is made to each table and figure, and the results are described in words

Adapted from © 2013 Sinauer Associates, Inc. All rights reserved. Permission granted to users of A Student Handbook for Writing in Biology to download and adapt this form for their own use. For educational use only, not for commercial use or resale.

£Figure and table titles are informative and can be understood apart from the text

£No explanation is given for the results VISUALS (TABLES AND GRAPHS) (10 pts)

£Summarized data presented in table form

£Visuals are included in results section

£All plots are complete, including axis labels and any other information needed to understand the plot


£Results are briefly restated£Results are explained and interpreted in context of the bigger picture of what the greenhouse

effect and global warming means for our world.

£Errors and inconsistencies are pointed out. Any sources of errors are explained and discusses.

£Implications of the results are described REFERENCES (Included in Intro pts)

£Reference format is correct and complete£All end references have been cited in the text. All in-text citations have been included in the

References section


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