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 Chapter 11 – Relationships


Directions: See Grading Rubric and example in Assignment Information Module!Each chapter of this book will ask you to write reflectively about the material you have just read. What did I learn? What’s the most valuable thing(s) I learned? What doesn’t work for me? Why doesn’t it work and how can I make it work? This is another way to remember the content of the chapter, so you might try it with your other classes as well.

Work in a Word Processor. Click on ‘Submit Assignment’ and Copy/paste the questions into the text box. Answer all the questions. Save on your computer before submitting to your instructor. Or, Attach your file to assignment.

 Important! Be sure to use quotes/examples from the textbook and reference with page numbers for each question. You may also use the PowerPoint for reference. Please state the slide number. Use PowerPoint reference only occasionally per week and when appropriate. Your main reference source is the textbook. Put your reference numbers in parenthesis. Example: (pg. 10 or slide 11)

1.  How are relationships important to your college success? Give examples and be specific.

2. Think of something about school that you do not like. Now, pretend that you are talking to the person in charge who can make the changes you think are necessary to improve the situation. Describe the conversation that is most likely to get positive results.

3.  If you are a married student, what do you see as your biggest problems in balancing your family and your education? What is your plan for dealing with those problems?

4.  Describe your relationship with your parents. Has it changed now that you are in college? What is your plan for maintaining and/or improving this relationship?

5.  If you have made friends with some people who are very different than you, write about those relationships and what you have learned from them.

6. If you have a roommate, describe the best and worst things about living with that person. What is your plan for dealing with the things that bother you? If you live alone, describe that experience. If you live with your parents, describe that experience. How do these situations effect your relationships and your education?

7.  What experiences and plans do you have for being involved in campus organizations?

8. Is there anything else on your mind this week that you’d like to share with your instructor? If so, add it to your journal entry.

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