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Article Critique

People and Nature

For this assignment, you are going to critique an article you find on the web which

relates to information in Unit III: Chapter 4 People and Nature. 

There is no length requirement for the article, but it should have enough information so that you can write a full one-page critique. The article should come from a  reputable news or scholarly source. See the checklist below, which contains the specific requirements this assignment will be graded on.

Article Critique Assignment Requirements Check List

It is required that the article you use for the critique directly relate to the material found in

Chapter 4 of the textbook.

It is required that your critique contains the following headings: Introduction,

Summary, How It Relates, and Conclusion.

For your critique, you are going use the headings listed above and answer the following

questions under the headings:

1. Introduction: Provide an introduction/ description of the topic. The description

should include the relationship between nature and people being addressed in the


2. Summary: Provide a summary of main points/arguments of the author.

3. How It Relates: Discuss how the article relates to at least ONE concept found in

the Chapter 4 reading.

4. Conclusion: Your own concluding thoughts on the article and the subject matter.

Your paper should be written in APA style and should be a minimum of one page in length

(not including the title and reference pages).

At least one article source (the article you are critiquing) is required. You may use the

textbook and other sources as needed. Note: Wiki is not a scholarly source and is not an

acceptable source for this assignment or any following assignments.

Following is a list of topics that you may find interesting: Endangered animals/plants, biodiversity and extinction of

plants/animals, nature programs, nature reserves, national park program, interaction between humans and nature, global warming, climate change, renewable energy, or oil drilling. These topics are not set in stone; you may choose a topic that is relevant to the concepts provided in Chapter 4 of the textbook.

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