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Quiz: Week 5 Test

Practice Test

Take the 5-question Practice Test to test your knowledge of this week’s content and to receive feedback on your responses. You must complete the Practice Test before taking this week’s Test for Understanding. The Practice Test can be taken as many times as you need in order to master the content. Once you complete the Practice Test with a score of 100% (5 out of 5 points), a link to the Test for Understanding will appear. Click on the Practice Test link to access the Practice Test. Once you complete the Practice Test, click “OK” to view your results. Be sure to read the feedback for each question.

Test for Understanding

This 20-question Test for Understanding assesses how well you understand and can apply the information in this week’s Learning Resources.

To prepare for the Test for Understanding:

  • Review the assigned Learning Resources.
  • Take the Practice Test until you have answered all 5 questions correctly.

About the Test for Understanding:

  • The Test for Understanding has a 40-minute time limit and must be completed in one sitting.
  • For each minute taken in excess of 40 minutes, students will have a 1-point deduction from the test grade.
  • If you encounter technical difficulties during the Test for Understanding, or if you have questions about how an online test works, contact Student Support for more information. 

Once you have completed the Test for Understanding, you will be shown the correct answer for each question.

Click on the Test link to access the Test for Understanding. Please note, you will not see this link until you have completed and scored 5/5 on the Practice Test.

Please answer each question and click Submit when you have completed the Test. If you are inactive for a period of time during the test, you may be prompted to exit the test. Remember to carefully read the prompts provided by the test. For example, click “Cancel” (as in cancel the exit) to stay inside the test. If you click “OK” or “back,” you accept to exit the test. Please be mindful about staying active inside the test (i.e., how much time you spend between items) so the test does not time you out.

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