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NY State Senator Proposes Using GPS Implants To Track Violent Convicts – Youtube video

After visiting the website video, RFID Microchip Implant, allow these questions to direct your thoughts.

  • How appropriate was this site and it’s material to the new technology of implanting radio frequency identification chips in humans for various societal reason?
  • What part of the website/video interested you the most or least? And why?
  • The news reports in this video explore the different possibilities of using microchips for a variety of reasons and benefits, but would there be uses for implanting microchips in inmates? Inmates convicted of very serious crimes like murder, rape and child molestations?
  • answer around 100-150 words
  • Reply to post around 75 words: “I think having these gps chips is a smart and creative idea from a technological perspective. Itâs amazing how something so complex is made into something so tiny that could just go into your body. As far as putting it into violent convicts, I really do not know how to respond to that. I donât disagree or agree with the concept. I understand the pros of having something like this. If the offender were to escape, it would become easier to track them down. This would save police officials time, as no one truly knows how long a manhunt can take. But at the same time, is this a violation of human rights? Does that previous question really matter because these violent convicts violated the community and victim(s) life? Would this be removed after their sentence has been served? What would be the survival rate of an inmate taking the chip of themselves? A lot of questions run through my mind. I did find it interesting that in this video the man said that only certain crimes should have this, for example arson offenders should not have this. I feel that in order to have something like this implanted into you, there has to be more research and background on the offender. If the offender poses a real and true threat to society and may have reason to flee, why not go the extra step to help the community?”
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