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An example of a nursing intervention related to the disaster would be:

1) Primary prevention: The interventions would seek to prevent disaster related injuries/illnesses, or death. For example; moving people from an anticipated disaster like flooding, mudslides, hurricanes. Snow, fires, Or tornadoes.

2) Secondary prevention: The interventions would focus on the recovery process which may include the clean-up process. The student mentioned of IV fluids, and IV anti-biotics that she had brought with her.

3) Tertiary prevention: Interventions aim to address effects of disability of those already injured.

The phase under which the “Haiti Catastrophe” falls on the Response phase which addresses prominent concerns as indicated by, (2016), in an article on Phases of Disaster outlining what is involved in each phase. Response Phase includes; Triaging, saving the lives of people, providing food, water, medications, providing clothes, repairing, and restoring utilities, establishing means for public services, and ends up with the process of cleaning up.

Some of the agencies, or people that I would work with to facilitate the proposed interventions would include;

1) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which main responsibility is to support the first responders by building, sustaining, and improving the capabilities to be able to manage, protect, respond to, recover from, and promote efforts to alleviate the hazards.

2) Red Cross helps in risk reduction, capacity building, management of disaster, or disaster response, and crises, projects on humanitarian, blood donation drives, and emergency assistance.


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