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“The Industrial Revolution”

Please respond to the following in a primary posting of at least 175 words. In addition, please make a substantive comment (at least five sentences) to one [1] of your classmates. After reading the complete chapter students should focus on pages 304-9 which begins with the section entitled “The Rise of Labor“.,

Chapter 17 deals with the tremendous industrial growth that occurred in the United States at the close of the nineteenth century. This was a period of great wealth but also a period that held enormous poverty. Coupled with the rise of industrialization there was also the growth of the American Federation of Labor and the Knights of Labor.

Click the week two link

Click the Chapter 17: The Industrial Revolution

Click the Primary link 

Click the documents entitled: Impact of the Factory on Worker Health

and Samuel Gompers Congressional Testimony Regarding AFL Unions

Read the documents

Answer all of the following questions:

After reading the first document identify at least three unfavorable working conditions that led workers to create unions. After reading the second document, list the issues the AFL attempts to address? From the text, list two reasons wealthier people used to justify their place in society and how the union attacked those arguments. Which of the issues you identified in the first two questions still plague workers today? The battle between unions and the industrial class speaks to the growth of wealth inequality from thenineteenth through the twentieth century.

Watch the attached video. What is the one contributing factor that John Oliver states is the reason that the American public does not seem willing to address income inequality? 

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