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Your Job is about leadership with all its types and its relationship with organisation:

Methodology for research with no primary data

Ch 2. METHODOLOGY (Approximately 3000 word)


Obvious what goes in here I hope!

2.1  RESEARCH PHILOSOPHY.  Which adopted philosophical stance (quantitative / numerical / qualitative) you are using and WHY (use relevant academic references)

Which type of academic journal articles, secondary data and papers will you review – and why?  Qualitative/quantitative/numerical?  Why?

2.2  RESEARCH STRATEGY.  What & why with justification (use relevant academic references)

HOW will you find the relevant academic journal articles, secondary data and materials you want.  What is your strategy for searching for them?  Etc, etc.  What is the timeframe you are looking at.  Only post 2010 … last 50 years.  Tell the story …

2.3  RESEARCH DESIGN of the research approach.  Use relevant academic references

What EXACTLY are you looking for in your academic journal articles, secondary data and papers?  Which journals?  Why?  Which subject specialisms?  Why?  Which keywords and phrases?  Why?  Etc., etc. 

2.4  RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION of HOW you seek an answer to your specific research question.  How data is collected & analysed, etc. (use relevant academic references)

HOW exactly did you find/organise/categorise the academic journal articles, secondary data and papers, etc?  Why this way?  Etc, etc.

2.5  RESEARCH ETHICS.  What are the ethical implications of this piece of research? (use relevant academic references)

Obvious what goes in here I hope!


Please Harvard referencing and no plagiarism

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