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1.     All students will write a single short one-page case and submit it in Moodle. The case events should be different from those in Journal Entry 3.  They should be submitted as Word files into Moodle. One case per semester per person.

2.     The case is due before the assigned Group meeting so that the other Group members and instructor have sufficient time to read and work with it.

3.     Students will be randomly assigned a case submission date for a particular Group meeting.

4.     The case should objectively present a challenging management situation encountered by the students in their workplace about which they wish to receive feedback or assistance. What’s a good case? A challenging management situation without any easy answers. Traditionally management cases present problems to be solved. However, an equally good case can be a description of how an excellent manager dealt with a challenging situation. The case should state the writer’s view of the challenge(s) clearly enough for the other students can prepare their responses.

5.     The case should have sufficient information such that an outsider can make a recommendation without further input from the writer. 

6.     Be an objective reporter: present only the facts of the case situation. Avoid biases, interpretations, opinions or “setting the stage” any more than necessary. This instruction is much harder to follow than it sounds.

7.     No case questions. The case issue should be evident from the presentation.

8.     Submit the case in Moodle where noted in Moodle. You can submit the case by uploading a Word file. Maximum length: one page, single-spaced. Use paragraphs. No word count necessary.

9.     The document header should include only your name, your Group letter and the Group meeting date for which you are submitting the case.

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