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The next step in creating an effective presentation is working from the foundation that you have built in the previous week. Using the information created in your submission from the previous week, along with feedback from your instructor you will begin to further develop your presentation by recording your voice. You should make additions and edits to your content based on the grading feedback that your instructor has provided.Step 1: Based on the information that you have in your notes section of each slide, begin to write out the dialog for your presentation, including your introduction, main points, and conclusion slides. • For example, if you previously wrote in your notes section “difference of hearing versus listening” your dialog might now be, “The difference between hearing and listening is that hearing is a basic sense, but listening is the actual absorbing of the information that you are hearing.” Step 2: Based on the dialog you have written from your presentation, you will record your speech to an audio file. This will serve as the rough draft of your audio for your final presentation. To record audio, you have a few options:• Recording directly to the rough draft PowerPoint: • Recording to i-phone:  • Recording to an Android Phone: http://  • Recording to PC – SoundRecorder should already be on the PC and just requires a microphone:  • Recording Audio to Mac: http:// 3: Go back and listen to your audio to ensure that it fits with your presentation as well as correcting any errors made in your delivery. Also, pay attention to your use of articulation and vocal variety. Once you have completed your recording submit your audio file or PowerPoint File to the classroom.

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