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To prepare:

This week you will choose a television program you are familiar with. You might consider Empire, Jessica Jones, or Silicon Valley, for example, that offer many forms of relationships, conflicts, and cultural backgrounds. 

·       A Media Assignment is due this week. Turn in a 3- to 5-page (not counting the title page) individual report covering the following points:

·       Self-awareness of the movie or television show’s characters 

·       Self-presentation and self-disclosure of the movie or television show’s characters

·       Communication goals and styles of the movie or television show’s characters 

·       Prevalent stereotypes in the movie or television show

·       The movie or television show’s conflict and how the characters approached and managed it

·       Describe your chosen character’s self-presentation style, giving specific examples from the program that demonstrate that style.

Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and any additional sources.

Learning Resources

·       McLean, S. (2016). Business relationships across cultures.  Boston: Flat World Knowledge Publishers.

o   Chapter 2, “Cultures, Relationships, and Conflict.” 

Chapter 2 examines how individuals present themselves through self-disclosure, which helps show others who you really are. The use of sound judgment is discussed as different levels of intimacy, and Social Penetration Theory is also explored.

o   Chapter 9, “Negative News and Crisis Communication.” 

Chapter 9 reviews the process of delivering a negative news message. In addition, this chapter also describes eliciting negative news, the importance of a crisis communication plan, and press conferences.

·       You may use any additional resources you see as appropriate

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