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This research paper will compare and contrast Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC Models).  The research paper must be submitted using Safe Assign.

  • The paper will be five pages:  (a) Describe the 7 Step SDLC – 2 pages, (b) Describe a different SDLC Model (4 step or 12 step) – 2 pages, (c) Compare and contrast the 7 Step Model and the second model you selected (4 step or 12 step) – 1 page.  Your prior IST textbooks are an excellent source for finding SDLC models. Review chapter 17 in the text before beginning this paper.  DO NOT discuss Methods in this paper (waterfall, rad etc…).  You need to find other SDLC models, the models will be called SDLC …some may have four steps and others may have 12 steps.  
  • APA format; Minimum of 4 professional/peer review references.  Note: Professional references refer to books and journals.  (Typical internet resources are not considered professional resources). 
  • 15.2 (15.2%) – 16 (16%)

    Work /participation stands-out as exemplary and is accurately detailed

    16.15 (16.15%) – 17 (17%)

    Skill in gathering, storing & retrieving data is highly evolved

    16.15 (16.15%) – 17 (17%)

    Uses a thorough # of ref(s) and integrates them clearly and concisely

    14.25 (14.25%) – 15 (15%)

    Integration of information is well analyzed, interpreted, and documented to meet research objectives

    14.25 (14.25%) – 15 (15%)

    Graphically defines other systems or subsystems and can accurately identify relationships

    5.7 (5.7%) – 6 (6%)

    Sentences are clear and well-constructed – Evidence of variety in format, length, and complexity

    6.65 (6.65%) – 7 (7%)

    No spelling, punctuation, and/or grammatical errors are readily apparent

    6.65 (6.65%) – 7 (7%)

    No APA errors are readily apparent.

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