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Hello and thank you for helping me. This assignment is due today, meaning 02/16/17. Need this by 9pm PST. Please don’t agree to this assignment if you cant meet the deadline. This must be orIginal work, the teachers check and I proofread and check also. I dont want to waste eachothers time. This is only 300 words so the price is fair. Please don’t try to up the price because you feel you can include more. I wont accept you. MUST HAVE ACCESS TO ASHFORD LIBRARY FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. IF YOU DON’T, I CAN TRY TO FIND AN ARTICLE. Thanks!

Prepare: Prior to beginning this discussion, read Chapter 11 of Making Strategy Count in the Health and Human Services Sector and select a minimum of one scholarly article from the Ashford library addressing social and/or public policy issues related to a social challenge of interest addressed by human service organizations.

Reflect: Ultimately, human service organizations and policy are distinctly intertwined in a variety of ways. In this final discussion forum, you will examine the significance of social policy related to a particular  challenge (e.g., poverty, child welfare, substance abuse, mental health, etc.)  and determine components associated with successful health and human service delivery relationships.

Write: Summarize your scholarly article’s main points regarding the role that policy plays in your particular social challenge. After this, analyze how specific policies, Acts, legislation, etc. impact the effective delivery of services on multiple levels (ie., the individual, family, group, organization, and community). Lastly,  discuss how human service organizations can champion effective social policies going forward, taking into consideration your understanding of what makes service delivery successful.

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