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– Double-spaced with numbered pages                                                                                                        

 -In Times New Roman 12-point font

– Title your paper, but do not make a separate title page. Keep your paper’s title in 12-

– point Times New Roman, and center it before the paper’s body, but do not use the bold or italics function

– Document your sources & use correct citation form (MLA format).  

– Example readings are attached            

          Construct an essay of around 1,000 words in the model of The New York Times “Letters of Recommendation” essays you’ve examined as part of the course readings. (Example readings are attached)

The New York Times calls the “Letters of Recommendation” essays celebrations of objects or experiences that have been overlooked or unappreciated. You’ll notice that the subjects of these range from the mundane (hot water bottles) to the highbrow (poetry of T.S. Eliot). You may write about anything you wish, but in general most of these essays deal with subjects that don’t usually get a lot of adulation in the world of writing.

Use concrete (specific) details in order to make your essay resonate with the readers. A few historical facts or small amounts of background information are necessary here as well, and even though these essays don’t cite that material, you must. Use real sources – not Wikipedia. If you use Wikipedia, you must trace back to the original source material.. You’re trying to model here, so the more carefully you read, the more you’ll be able to write an effective one of your own. Feel free to use personal examples and a mix of facts and narration. Title your essay.                                                                                   

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