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QuestionQuiz 2Question 1 Some bird species have the anatomical apparatus required to produce speech.TrueFalseQuestion 2 Which social science discipline is most likely to study the origins of language by studying artifacts?AnthropologyGerontologySociologyPsychologyQuestion 3 The birth of telecommunications was marked by the work of:Alexander Graham BellGuglielmo MarconiJohannes GutenburgSamuel MorseQuestion 4 The Michelangelo virus had a significant impact on society because:Computer sales dropped significantly in its aftermathIt raised awareness among users of the potential dangers of Internet useIt infected millions of personal computersAll of the aboveQuestion 5 Whereas communication tools used to be an extension of the physical self, they are increasingly an extension of the mental self.TrueFalseQuestion 6 Which of the following is best characterized as “static” and “unidirectional?”Web 1.0Web 2.0Web 3.0Web 4.0Question 7 “Ambient Intimacy” is the illusion of intimacy created by online interaction.TrueFalseQuestion 8 According to ethnographer Stefana Broadbent, social interaction on the Internet is problematic because people are distracted by having to maintain social ties rather than focusing on their work duties.TrueFalseQuestion 9 According to linguist McWhorter, texting is not a legitimate language.TrueFalseQuestion 10 According to study by Malta (2007), which of the following is true about older adults and their use of technology in relationships:Over half of the older adults studied had engaged in cyber sexOlder adults are reluctant to engage in sexual activity with partners they meet onlineThe older adults in the study had very limited use of the Internet (less than 1 hour a day)Researchers are justified in excluding older adults from studies of internet usage 

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