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      Due: 7/10/2017

Need a 2-page informative essay that needs to be improvised into the following paper:

·      Include in the 2-page paper:

o   That summarizes and analyzes what I learned overall through three interviews for paralegal careers. You may use the first person in this paper. Must Include the first names for the paralegal employees I so called “interviewed”.

·      Think about all the three interviews and the interviewees’ responses, then write it in the two-page reflection paper as well.

·      You must include in the 2-page paper a bibliography containing the names and contact information of the people you interviewed.

·      3 Paralegals first names and contact information:

o   First Name: Paul Phone: 561-440-7697

o   First Name: Joseph Phone: 561 800-4011

o   First Name: Gray Phone: 561-368-3808

·      Improvise the answers to the following questions below which are the questions to the 3 interviews which must be included in the 2-page informative essay.

1. How did you begin your career coming out of college?

2. What advice would you give a student about to graduate?

3. What area is a good place to move to in order to be successful in this career? 4. What special skills should I be proficient in?

5. What’s the best way to break into the business?

6. What should I not do?

7. What should I do in an interview?

8. How important is my resume and how should I organize it?

9. Why should someone begin a career in this business?

10. Why should someone not begin a career in this business?

11. What are you looking for in a portfolio?

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