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This research project for MBA 5200 provides the opportunity to conduct research into a Corporate Finance issue or problem of your choice. There are 2 options for this assignment:

·         Option 1: A written paper of at least 5 pages researching a specific corporate finance topic, or

·         Option 2. An alternative project of your own design. Possibilities include:

v  Capital budget analysis (ch.10) that uses multiple analytical techniques and a WACC calculation for the required rate of return.

v  Defining a current corporate finance problem that you are facing and recommending a solution to the problem (written paper of at least 5 pages)

Project Requirements

If you select option 1, the total length of the research project is 5 pages1.5 spaced of actual text and analysis, not including title or references pages. The project must have a title page and a references page. It is not necessary to use footnotes or endnotes; simply provide a citation in parentheses. Your project must have at least 3 sources not to include the textbook or an encyclopedia (including websites such as Wikipedia or Investopedia).  Online resources are acceptable as long as they are scholarly in nature. The grade for option 1 will be based on the written project submitted. If you select option 2, the project should be documented in writing and should include all supporting calculations and information sources.  The length and types of information to be included will be project dependent but should completely and thoroughly describe the project, the outcomes of the work performed, and all conclusions and recommendations that are pertinent.

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