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Abstracts and Executive Summaries are reports that add to proposals in different ways. Review the purposes of each in your text. Review the information in the text, along with examples, being sure to pay close attention to the headings.

An abstract should high level summary of the key points that will be included in the project proposal, and it’s meant to persuade the reader to read the entire document. Most proposals address: (1) the problem, (2) the solution, and (3) benefits.

Executive summaries are usually written for upper-level management who don’t have time to read the full report. The purpose is to convey the main ideas, recommendations, and conclusions of the full report with enough detail that the executive summary can stand by itself. The executive summary should cover all of the key sections of the full report, such as the (1) problem, (2) recommendations, (3) costs, (4) timeline, and (5) recommendations.

Though the two documents are similar, this assignment is one that practices avoiding redundancy and brevity. You should NOT reuse sections of the abstract for the executive summary, or vice-versa. Each should be independently written. Additionally, you should NOT simply copy/paste sections of your full report into either the abstract or executive summaries. These are summarized versions of the full report, and so the content should be rewritten concisely.

Upload this assignment as a Word document. Do NOT submit any assignment as PDFs. Deliverable: ½ – 1 page Abstract and 1 – 1 ½ page Executive Summary.

Read the document I upload , and understand my design project. And Deliverable: ½ – 1 page Abstract and 1 – 1 ½ page Executive Summary.

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