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Many organizations today are experiencing challenges with making data-driven decisions when it comes to data management solutions such as Big Data. As the rapid growth of the current state and the future state of data evolves within an organization, it would be foolhardy to make a data-driven decision without attempting to gain insight on meaningful inferences from the data. Additionally, database silos, petabytesof unstructured data and a dearth of data scientists and data administers are the main obstacles to putting Big Data to work effectively in helping to make business decisions.

For your final project, describe the following using the readings and some of the concepts that have been covered in the previous weeks. Please respond to the following questions in your final project report:

• What is your business justification for the big data project?

• How did you implement big data with (in-house personnel, or did you engage professional services partners)?

• Did you implement big data as enhancement to existing data analytics platform, or through an entirely new infrastructure?

• Did your personnel need to enhance their technical skillsetsand certifications to get started with the implementation of big data?

• How do you plan to evolve your big data investment?

• What were some of the challenges you experienced in locating big data within the database silos?


Your final report should not be less than eight to ten pages in length. Be sure the report is in Arial 12-pt font, with double spacing and APA formatting. 

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