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  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Security

 please do the following.  For each of the above four types of nonfunctional requirements, please post one or more example statements of what you believe CWU should require for MyCWU.  Here are some examples to get you thinking:

Usability:  The browser-based version of MyCWU shall use an internally consistent user interface style throughout, which is also consistent with the user interfaces students utilize with the most popular browser-based applications.  [Also give reasoning here.]

Reliability:  If and only if a transaction appears to have completed within the user’s interface, that transaction shall indeed have been completed in the database.  [Also give reasoning here.]

Performance:  The turnaround of a transaction between arrival at the server and response from the server even under high-peak processing loads shall only exceed 5 seconds 1% of the time.  [Also give reasoning here.]

Security:    The user’s browser shall not cache private or hack-enabling information in the user’s non-volatile storage, and shall assure any such information does not remain in the user’s volatile memory after MyCWU is closed — without reliance on the user to close the browser. [Also give reasoning here.]

Make sure your reasoning explains both why this requirement is needed and why it will be cost effective.  (E.g., 100% uptime as a reliability requirement is very expensive.)

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