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*Please add at least 2 references *Scenario: have scheduled a meeting with the newly combined management team of UWEAR and PALEDENIM for next week. In anticipation of the meeting, Tom Tramlin, the CEO, has sent you an e-mail requesting that you cover some topics for during your meeting with his team, as follows: UWEAR and PALEDENIM were relatively small companies when we started in business. Our team has never dealt with any government regulations or compliance issues, but we may be doing so soon because of the merger. Additionally, PALEDENIM has always been a privately-owned company and will now be merged with UWEAR, which is publicly-owned. The management team of PALEDENIM needs to be briefed on any issues that are relevant to that transition as well. During the meeting next week, please be sure to cover any government regulations and/or compliance issues that you feel may be pertinent to our business or to the current business climate as a whole. Answer the following: What do you need to do to prepare for this meeting? What do you currently know about the topic? What resources do you have that can help you prepare for this meeting? What information will you present to the management team at the meeting? How will you present the information to the UWEAR and PALEDENIM management team at the meeting? Pages: 3 PagesDeadline: 1 daysQuality Levels: Post-graduateSpecial Format: APA

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