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Research the Internet and find a California celebrated criminal prosecution case to analyze, such as a criminal case that received media attention. This case must have proceeded to trial; it cannot have been plea bargained or dismissed before the trial phase.

Write a 4-6 page paper in which you address the following questions:

  • Summarize the criminal procedures that occurred in this case, from arrest through appeal, if applicable.
  • What was the crime the defendant was alleged to have committed? What are the elements of that crime? Is there sufficient evidence to believe the defendant guilty of this crime beyond a reasonable doubt? Explain.
  • Identify the legal defenses used in this case. Explain what the defense entails and if it is viable.
  • Based on the evidence, should, or did, the defense apply to either exonerate the defendant or reduce his sentence?

Format your answers consistent with APA guidelines.

I need the paper to follow the California Criminal Trial process like the pictures I uploaded. You need to define each step in the process and also explain the California case selected and exactly explain each step and what happened in the case. You can only use the school textbook online for reference. I will provide my login information so you can access the textbook. This paper is very intensive and the rules and guidelines must be followed. I will pay 35.00 for the paper including the down payment charge. 

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