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A) Peer Responses: Two peer responses are required; each must be 300 words or more in length. Each peer response should be in APA format with at least 1 secondary reference and in-text citation. To receive full credit, make sure that the peer response offers new insights that are supported with additional information, examples or questions to advance the discussion. (SEE ATTACHMENT for the STUDENT RESPONSES)


 ·       Select a fellow student’s response and compare and contrast your thoughts with theirs

 ·       Advance the conversation; provide a real-world application and experiential examples

·       Conceptually discuss your key [most significant] learning insight or take-away from the selected forum topic comments.

B) Reflection: Does your assigned Country practice socialized medicine? Do you believe socialized medicine is the correct path for patient care services within the United States?This assignment should be substantial in length (minimum of 300 words), meet APA guidelines and should be supported with at least 2 secondary references and in-text citation. The reflection should contain well-developed ideas, and clearly addresses key issues, problems and questions. Lastly, ensure that it is free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling – it must meet proper format and meets citation/reference requirements.

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