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Salutary Neglect led the colonists to rebel against Great Britain because the colonists enjoyed the lax rule under salutary neglect and they did not want to be ruled strictly by Britain.

According to the dictionary, Salutary Neglect refers to the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century British Crown policy of avoiding strict enforcement of parliamentary laws meant to keep American colonies obedient to England. And that is what it initially was–Britain putting the colonies on cruise control or autopilot. But what Britain didn’t know was that once the colonies “tasted” freedom, it would be really hard to take it back from them, which can be seen through the American Revolution.

Here is a picture of Robert Walpole (who initially started salutary neglect) that describes what was taking place under salutary neglect:

So the colonists were angry when salutary neglect ended because Britain was monitoring everything they were doing. They were no longer allowed to conduct their assembly town meetings and their trade with other countries was strictly regulated. The end of salutary neglect was what led to the growing tension between the colonies and Great Britain, which eventually led to the American Revolutionary War.

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