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Conduct a diversity audit on the organization where you work. If you are not working you can use a previous employer or you can research a company you would be interested in working for in the future.

Step 1: Observation and Info Gathering

Report of physical settingReport from interviews of managers and employeesAnalysis of written materials from the corporationObservations about how people spend time, their career paths, how long they stay in jobs, and what they are talking and writing aboutStep 2. Review and analysis

Patterns and themes that you perceive, inward or outward focus, weak or strong corporate culture, fragmentation or inconsistencyConclusions about how well the corporation is managing diversity.Step 3: Recommendations

Provide solid and realistic suggestion for this employer on how to improve their diversity and inclusion efforts.After you conduct the audit, create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint Presentation that provides a review, analysis and recommendations for your organization to share with your management team. Use the speaker notes feature of PowerPoint to indicate what you would say during your presentation (if it were live). Discuss the diversity audit, what you researched, what you found, and your recommendations for the organization. The final slide or speaker note should include a reference list.

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