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For your final assignment, you will select an Information Technology or Services company. Alternately, you may select any other type of company, however, your strategic plan should be limited to the Information Technology or Services department within the company. You may find the list of topics on Week 5 useful in deciding which company to choose.

IMPORTANT: You are required to use the attached “IT Strategic Plan Template” to complete the assignment. The required information information business description, vision, mission, internal and external assessments, goals, strategies, objectives, an implementation plan and a communication plan. Also, your paper should include at least three (3) references from peer-reviewed journals. Please do not forget to remove the green instructions text from the document. DO NOT remove the Table of Contents. Its presence is REQUIRED.  

Your total paper should be 7-9 pages of text in APA format, including the title and reference pages, HOWEVER, not counting any tables or figures (those should be included on additional pages if you wish to use them). Make sure you include in-text citations.

the attachment which i posted 

!. is the outline which you have to complete

2. is the outline which i have submitted to the instructor just a outline

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