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Describe in detail an organization you are familiar with that is need of a security review. This could be a company you work for, a fictitious company, or an organization you are associated with. You will use this company and scenario throughout the class.

As the security analyst in charge of ensuring a solid security posture for the organization, describe the CIA triad with respect to information security, and describe how you would implement a security program for your chosen organization with each pillar of the triad in mind. Focus the discussion with the following questions in mind:

What would you do to protect the Confidentiality of company information?

What would you do to protect the Integrity of company information?

What would you do to protect the Availability of company resources?

Describe what you consider to be a secure infrastructure for the organization to enable the implementation of the ideas that were previously described with respect to the CIA triad. Focus the discussion on at least 3 different security domains with security concerns.(You can use the CISSP 10 domains as a basis)

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