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Week 3 Announcement SCMT371

Topic: This week we explore the exclusionary rule, which as we all learned in high school, says that if law enforcement seizes evidence illegally, all of that evidence is excluded. What the Zelinski case from the chapter forces us to think about, is whether or not the same rules should apply to the private sector as well.  Reading: Chapter three of the class text. 

New York Law School. (1995). Private police and personal privacy: Who’s guarding the guards (40 N.Y.L. Sch. L. Rev. 225)?. New York Law School Review. Retrieved from http://  (Week 3 Resource Folder)

Forum Assignment: Research a recent private search and seizure case (2005 to present) that has been adjudicated. Explain the facts and outcome of the case, and compare the differences between the case you selected and the USA vs Lacey Lee Koenig and Lee Graf (Fed Ex) case from the textbook. Ensure you include considerations and points raised from the New York Law Review reading assignment listed in the announcement.  Personal Assignment: Describe at least two situations where a private security person could be impacted by the exclusionary rule. Use case examples or personal experience if possible.

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